Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Stag and the Glade

Huntsman and travelers tell of a giant stag that wanders the woods. A careful search of the woods will reveal signs of the stags passing. The stag is fearless and makes no effort to disguise its passage. A ranger or other skilled tracker can follow the stag to an ancient and hidden portion of the forest. The stag will often be found drinking from a clear pool at the foot of a massive deciduous tree. The stag is an ordinary animal but 9 feet tall at the withers with a rack 6 feet across. The stag is fearless but will flee from giants and speakers of giantish. The pool is pure clean water and the tree radiates a faint aura of holy magic. The pool, the tree, and the stag are all under the protection of the various powers of the forest. Desecrating any or all of them will invoke the wrath of the forest but consequences are not immediate, rather agents of the ancient forest will seek revenge from time to time, if they fail however, the wrath of the forest builds over time until making all out war against the violators. Atoning for such a crime is possible but exceedingly difficult. On the other hand protecting the sacred stag and glade from harm will earn the gratitude of the forest itself - a powerful ally indeed.