Friday, March 2, 2012

20 Strange and Wondrous Events

I have resurrected my long-defunct blogger account to post some D&D miscellany. I might even post a thought here or there. My first post is the first 20 entries of a table of weird events I'm working on.
Table of Strange and Wondrous Events (1d20)
  1. A strange figure is seen walking away, pursue and be lost in a mysterious plane.
  2. A kindly face appears, attempts to communicate will lead to madness.
  3. Water turns to wine, drinking it will lead to madness.
  4. Water turns to blood, drinking it will provide healing.
  5. A fog of an unnameable color envelopes the adventurers - only those of steely will can pass through and remain in their own world.
  6. A vision of horror and disaster is granted, then a chance encounter with a troupe of players.
  7. Picnickers - a fae power.
  8. The sky is green and the earth purple, a horrific insect is encountered.
  9. Come across a scene of massacre.
  10. An ancient altar. Sacrifice will provide blessing.
  11. Strange flowers upon the ground, consuming the petals will grant power.
  12. A stranger walks up and presses a single golden coin into your palm.
  13. A voice calls out to you – following it leads to riches.
  14. Butterflies stream from the eyes.
  15. A blind tinker selling sand, thrown on the ground it has wondrous effects.
  16. A new spring where none should be.
  17. Ash falls from the sky. It is not easily cleaned from the skin.
  18. The weather becomes unseasonable and day becomes night, or night day.
  19. A sword hilt protruding from the earth. Pull it free and discover a secret realm beneath.
  20. An obelisk is found covered in unknown writing. Once lost from view it can never be found again.

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