Friday, March 9, 2012

Horrid Corpse

Horrid Corpse

Wandering dungeons mindlessly, these putrescent undead are the result of the hideous magic of the Polluted Jailer.  Swarming flies and a nauseating stench mark their presence. While their bodies are rotten and easily broken, those who encounter them often contract their horrific disease.

HD 3, AC 9 [10], Attack, slam for 1d4 + disease (see below), Move 15', Save 14, undead, xp 240
Anyone within 20 feet is subject to the effects of a stinking cloud.

After being struck save vs. disease or lose 1 constitution and charisma per day until cured. Can only be cured by magical means.

Note about xp:

I calculated experience (and saves) using Swords & Wizardry. Interestingly, using Labyrinth Lord the same creature is worth 80xp.

I then went to calculate xp value for Pathfinder, since that is what I am going to use it in first. Pathfinder gives me no guidance. Their monster creation rules start with you determining CR, and then deriving other things from that. Ugh. So . . . I'm not sure what killing one of these bad boys should give you in Pathfinder. Any thoughts?

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