Sunday, June 3, 2012


It seems that my regular game has fizzled. Does anyone else have a hard time as an adult trying to keep a regular game sustained? Once upon a time campaigns lasted 6 months, a year, now it seems like we struggle to keep anything going for more than a few sessions. I've experimented with larger groups to try to ameliorate attendance problems, but it is difficult to find enough high-quality players in my area.  I'm hoping that with summer around the corner I will be able to start up my planned Stars Without Number game soon. One possible advantage of SWN is that we may not be quite so dependent on having people show up regularly - there is no reason it cannot be played with just two (or even one!) player.

I'm also thinking about running something online - and definitely something as part of UA-LC. The question is now . . . what? The advantage of UA-LC is that I could play around with short term arcs of this and that. Currently considering DCC, SWN, LL, or S&W.

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