Monday, June 25, 2012

Gamer ADD

The email I just sent off to my players:

Hi guys,

My interest in prepping/running SWN is waning already. This is a really bad sign. I feel guilty for dropping the game(s) we have been playing so quickly after starting them but if I'm not feeling it I know that it will not take long before it reflects in the quality of what I have prepared, etc.

I think the problem I've been facing this past year is that in an effort to please the most people I am not DMing the games that I actually feel excited about playing. Because I would actually like to run a sustained campaign I need to stop that.

So . . . I am going to drop SWN.

I am going to try to run an old school fantasy game: I'd be interested in running Labyrinth Lord (B/X - AD&D retroclone), Swords & Wizardry (0ed retroclone), or Dungeon Crawl Classics (rules light d20 with old school flavor)). If you are not interested in playing I 100% understand and I will take no offense whatsoever.

That being said, after starting a new game, I will commit (to myself - and to you) to run at least 10 sessions before switching to a new system.

Please let me know if you are interested and if you have a system preference.

Again sorry for the ADD.

I hate switching things around all the time and I feel enormously guilty about doing it to players. But if I am going to put in the many hours of work to run a game, I really ought to be having fun.

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Brendan said...

That's probably a wise decision.

My current 4E hack game is coming to a close because I am moving on from my current job, and it was played after work with coworkers. So I am also considering starting up a new campaign, probably with a rule set that I like more, and probably on G+. Leaning towards S&W WhiteBox or OD&D, but I also have a somewhat masochistic inclination to try Pathfinder Beginner Box as E5 Pathfinder lite.