Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sand in the Stars

So to cure my burnout on Pathfinder and to reinvigorate both myself and the group we will be playing Stars Without Number. I had been hoping to run a game of it over the summer and so it will be. Hopefully by the fall the game will still be going and all of the groundwork will be done. I have decided that as a build our sandbox I will post the goods here.

The first thing is the sector map:

I used the cosmic tool-set of hexographer. We have a few good star clusters and a couple of isolated star systems.

As this is a far-future game, my chosen constraint is that everything must be digital. Also, I will try to post as much as possible of the material I create in the hopes of turning this blog from random blathering to actual useful content.


I am leaning towards running a SWN for UA-LC  so I don't want to spoil things online. So I have replaced the sector map with the players version. I guess that also means if it ends up happening I won't post secret information. Still if you are reading this you can look forward to plenty of SWN stuff.

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